DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond

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The DCMR’s concern is providing a safe living environment to the 1.2 million residents in the Rijnmond region.

Joint environmental protection agency

The DCMR is the joint environmental protection agency of the province of South Holland and 16 municipalities, a heavily industrialised and densely populated region. The DCMR monitors the environmental quality of this area in close cooperation with other government agencies, such as the police, the fire department, the labour inspectorate, and the public health service. This has been the task of the DCMR for more than 40 years now.

Tasks of DCMR

The DCMR works at the request of local and regional authorities, and aims for a liveable and safe region for the people who live and work there. We do this by:

  • Imposing environmental and safety rules and monitoring compliance;
  • Issuing permits;
  • Monitoring environmental quality;
  • Advising on environment and safety;
  • Taking action against nuisance and incidents
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Organisation structure

The DCMR has over 500 employees, spread across 4 departments: 

  • Municipalities and SME
  • Port and industry
  • Expertise centre
  • Operational management. 
An overview of this can be found in the organogram of the environmental protection agency. 


The municipalities in the Rijnmond region and the province of South Holland together control the DCMR. The board is made up of a general and a day-to-day management. The Director of the DCMR manages the environmental protection agency.

The management team consists of Director of the DCMR and the managers of the 4 departments. The team is supported by an executive secretary