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Tasks of DCMR

The DCMR works at the request of local and regional authorities, and aims for a liveable and safe region for the people who live and work there.

We do this by:

Imposing environmental and safety rules and monitoring compliance

By imposing environmental and safety rules and monitoring compliance at approximately 25,000 businesses, ranging from refineries to pubs on the corner, the DCMR helps businesses develop and maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Issuing permits

Around 1,000 businesses of the 25,000 businesses that constitute the work area of DCMR have an integrated physical environment permit or an environmental permit. The DCMR issues these permits by order of municipalities, provinces and the government. The other businesses follow general national environmental and safety rules.

Brzo-RUD for Zeeland and South Holland

Since January 2013, the DCMR is responsible for the coordination of the permits, inspections and enforcement for high-risk businesses (Brzo [Decree on major accident hazards] and IPPC4 businesses) in Zeeland and South Holland.This makes the DCMR a Brzo-RUD (Regional Enforcement Agency). The DCMR already supervised all high-risk businesses in the Rijnmond area. Now have been added to its supervision the businesses in South Holland outside the Rijnmond area and the businesses in Zeeland. The DCMR is now responsible for the integrated physical environment permits and the supervision of 160 high-risk businesses. Businesses can still turn to the same implementation agencies as they always did. The competent authority remains the same. By making one Implementation Agency responsible for the coordination of Zeeland and South, work can be done better, more efficiently and more uniformly.

Monitoring environmental quality

With 15 air measurement locations and mobile measuring equipment, the DCMR continuously monitors the quality of air in the region. The measurements can be used to take action, if necessary.

Advising on environment and safety

Air, sound, energy, safety and soil specialists together constitute the knowledge centre of the DCMR. Internally, they give advice to licencing authorities and supervisors, and, externally, to municipalities and non-profit organisations.

Taking action against nuisance and incidents

Residents and businesses can report environmental nuisance to the incident room of the DCMR around the clock. Residents can call us or report online via our website. Chemical advisors of the DCMR are stand-by 24 hours a day to support the fire department and provide advice with regard to environmental incidents.