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DCMR Rijnmond Environmental Service

DCMR Rijnmond Environmental Service is the joint environmental service of the Province of South Holland and fifteen municipalities in the Rijnmond region. DCMR is committed to a clean, healthy and safe living environment for the 1.2 million inhabitants of the Rijnmond region. We draw up environmental regulations for companies in the region and monitor compliance with these and other laws and regulations. DCMR also advises governments on spatial plans with the aim of a future-proof use of the physical living environment.

Rijnmond region: area with challenges and opportunities

The Rijnmond area is home to many people as well as a large number of companies and heavy industry. This creates pressure on the environment in the region. The municipalities and the province of South Holland want quality of life and safety to go hand in hand with the economic development of the Rijnmond area. The Rijnmond region is not only an economic top region; it also wants to be a leader in the field of sustainability.

Focus and tasks of DCMR

DCMR’s work focuses on realising these joint ambitions. As an environmental service, we grant permits to companies, monitor compliance with environmental regulations and enforce when regulations are violated. We also have an advisory role in areas such as soil protection, noise abatement, air quality and safety. DCMR also advises on drawing up spatial plans, and we are involved in social issues such as the circular economy and energy transition.  

Brzo companies

Special attention is paid to the most high-risk companies, such as refineries, chemical plants and companies storing hazardous substances. Those companies are subject to extra strict regulations. There are four hundred of these so-called Brzo (Hazards of Major Accidents Decree) companies in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the supervision of these high-risk companies has been entrusted to a number of specialised services, including DCMR. DCMR is responsible for granting permits, supervision and enforcement at 140 Brzo companies in the provinces of South Holland and Zeeland. 

DCMR was established fifty years ago as a joint venture of the Rijnmond municipalities and the province of South Holland. 

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