weg jaargetallen 2021 2024

Priorities for 2021-2024

In our multi-annual programme (MAP), we periodically lay down what the priorities are for DCMR. The priorities are based on ambitions and developments in the region and are determined in consultation with the municipalities and the province of South Holland. The MAP adopted by the Board for the period 2021-2024 focuses on the following themes:
  • Safety: because there is a lot of activity in the densely populated Rijnmond region, there is pressure on the living environment. The monitoring of external safety risks is therefore paramount.  
  • Quality of life: many new homes are to be built in the region, which also means building closer to industrial sites and roads. DCMR advises whether and how the plans can be realised within the environmental standards. 
  • Health: The Netherlands has set targets for cleaner air, removal of asbestos and minimisation of substances of very high concern. DCMR contributes to achieving these targets through permit regulations and inspections.
  • Sustainability: The national goal is to be fully climate-neutral and have a fully circular economy by 2050. DCMR supports municipalities in this ambition. 
  • Subversive crime: the upper and underworld are increasingly blending together. In terms of the environment, this calls for tackling illegal dumping of waste and improper disposal of soil and waste streams.

Based on these five tasks, thirteen focal points have been established in the MAP, which form the basis for DCMR’s activities. These include ensuring process safety, reducing particulate matter and nitrogen and tackling odour and noise pollution. 

This animation illustrates the MAP.