Inspectie DCMR Inspecteur

Tasks of DCMR

DCMR performs environmental tasks on behalf of the province of South Holland and fifteen municipalities in the Rijnmond area. In addition, DCMR performs environmental tasks at the large high-risk companies in Zeeland on behalf of the province of Zeeland.

DCMR has three main tasks:

  • Granting permits

We prepare environmental permits for companies on behalf of municipalities and provinces. Of the 26,000 companies in our service area, about 1,000 require a permit. The other companies follow general, national regulations on safety and the environment. 

In the permits, we lay down the requirements a company must meet; for instance, with regard to minimising the emission of substances into the air, preventing noise pollution and guaranteeing safety. DCMR grants permits to new companies (establishment permits) and to companies whose activities or processes have changed (permit revisions). All permits that have been granted or applied for can be viewed here . To improve transparency even further, we are working on a digital regulation register per company. This will allow administrators, residents and inspection services to see at any time which requirements a company must meet. 

  • Supervision and enforcement 

DCMR supervises the 26,000 companies in the Rijnmond region. We investigate nuisances, identify risks and perform company inspections. The DCMR Control Room, which is accessible 24 hours a day, receives reports from residents and companies and determines what follow-up action is required. 

We organise both branch-oriented and area-oriented inspections. DCMR investigates the physical installations and facilities of companies, but also the safety culture and the environmental protection systems. Inspections take place both announced and unannounced. The purpose of supervision is to ensure that companies comply with the rules. To achieve this, DCMR’s Toezichtlab (Supervision Laboratory) makes increasing use of behavioural scientific insights, remote monitoring and fast analysis of large amounts of data. Data-driven supervision ensures that we have a better insight into where the risks are so we can deploy inspectors where they are most needed. 

Special attention is paid to the companies with the greatest safety risks. We grant permits, perform inspections and enforcement for all high-risk industrial companies (BRZO companies) and the larger chemical companies (RIE4 (major chemical) companies) in the provinces of Zeeland and South Holland. In these inspections, we work closely with other inspection services, such as the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate (occupational safety) and the Safety Region (fire safety). 

  • Advice and monitoring

DCMR advises municipalities and provinces on policy and spatial planning processes. The challenge is always to achieve sustainable development and improve the quality of the environment, taking into account the balance between environment, economy and space. To this end, DCMR uses its own knowledge and experience in the field of safety, soil, air, noise pollution and energy. DCMR contributes to environmental plans and visions and advises on the transition to a circular and climate-neutral economy. DCMR constantly monitors and reports on the quality of the environment, including by means of air quality measurement points.